Eleanor A. Howe

IMG_1081I am a computational biologist and data scientist with nearly two decades of experience using genomic data to inform drug discovery, target identification, target validation, and model selection.

I’ve worked on a wide range of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and rare diseases. Most recently, I founded Diamond Age Data Science, a bioinformatics startup that offers both strategic and analytical services to innovative biotech and small pharmaceutical companies in the Boston area.

My past work includes:

  • Bulk and single-cell RNA-Seq analysis (including QC/Normalization, differential expression and pathway analysis) for compound mechanism-of-action studies, discovery biology, and biomarker discovery
  • Data analysis for functional assays and dropout screens (e.g., Project Achilles)
  • Analysis of large public datasets including GTEx, CCLE, TCGA, ExAC, COSMIC, LINCs/CMAP, and GEO
  • Use of survival modeling to assess the impact of clinical data and genetic variants on severity of rare disease
  • Data visualization, including building interactive tools for exploring large datasets or the results of a complex analysis

Skills include:

  • Programming: R (8 years’ experience), Java (7 years)
  • Machine learning: clustering, classification, cross-validation
  • Statistics: survival modeling, feature selection, enrichment, marker detection
  • Cloud computing: running analyses in EC2/S3 using AWS api
  • Informatics: evaluation of data storage needs for lab experiments; user experience assessment for information systems
  • Reproducible research: systematic use of self-documenting Rmarkdown to produce analysis reports that can be re-created later

In addition to my scientific work, I have a passion for mentoring at all levels, from high school through PhD and up.

The best way to reach me is through Diamond Age. You can do that here.